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Mastering Chinese Communication & HSK Exam Fast!

Chinese is the second most spoken language ​​in the world, and the importance of familiarising oneself with basic dialogue and customary behaviours is forever increasing when establishing business relationships. The one-on-one sessions I provide are not limited to your current level or age, as they are tailored to suit your individual needs from basic guidance to advanced training.

I will develop a curriculum plan most fitting for your needs, whether business or travel-related, a school subject, or even HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), to enhance your language skills straightforwardly and enjoyably. If you have no foundation or are a beginner, I will lead your Chinese learning journey through English to minimise difficulties while maintaining steady progress; if you are at an intermediate or advanced level, our sessions together will be conducted solely in Mandarin.

You can opt for face-to-face lessons in Brisbane CBD, or online lessons to eliminate distance barriers. No matter which option you choose, I guarantee that my unconventional teaching methods will pique your interest and advance your skills.

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