ESL Consulting & Home Based Opportunities

Improve Your English & Teach Your Language

  • Are my English skills guaranteed to improve? Absolutely! If you have the determination and right level of commitment to stick with the session frequencies as recommended by me, results are 100% guaranteed.

  • Do you offer group sessions? The reason why I limit myself to 1:1, 2:1 & 3:1 sessions is to maintain personalization. Small groups can too achieve the effectiveness and efficiency as sessions no more than 3, but rarely. Learning on an interpersonal level is often very progressive, your weaknesses can also be pinpointed very rapidly, hence much faster results.  
  • Do I need an Australian working permit (visa) to take part in online tutoring opportunities? I see no reason why you would need an Australian visa with working rights as none of the platforms listed on this site are Australian based, nor owned. In addition, if you are working online, technically you are not based in any specific country for work purposes. However, if you choose to work as an online tutor in Australia without a work permit, I strongly recommend that you do not deposit your earnings into an Australian bank account to eliminate potential unwanted attention.

  • Do I need fluent English skills to teach online? Although not specified, you should at least be at an intermediate level (orally) in order to communicate with your students. Not only should intermediate English communication skills be the minimum, but also confidence in using those skills.

  • How many hours can I teach online? It is up to you to choose your availability and to set your own schedule (if bookings are preferred). The important thing to consider is time zones, another is your popularity. For maximum exposure and maximum paid tutoring hours, keep your availability widely open, don't set your rate too high as a newby, and put some effort into your profile.

  • Do I need to live in Australia to take advantage of online tutoring opportunities? No. Most platforms are broadly available to most nationalities with the exception of Chinese platforms.

  • Do I need to pay tax on my earnings? If the first question is not applicable to you, then absolutely. If you are a citizen, permanent resident or have a working holiday/student visa and your earnings are going straight into your Australian bank account, don't take the risk.
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