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Mastering English Communication & IELTS Fast!

My private sessions guarantee comprehensive results with pronunciation therapy, spoken grammar revision, vocabulary enhancement, rapid increased fluency & diminishment of confidence issues as key inclusions. You will also be provided with personalised feedback files daily which can be utilised as practical self-study material and progress indicator. I have an extensive background in teaching all aspects of English communication in every context from general to business, and can intensively discuss most topics without boundaries. Therefore, particular topics that you would like to focus on for vocabulary, terminology, and idiom accumulation relevant to your major, career, or in preparation for IELTS can be requested.

IELTS speaking essentially measures the proficiency of interactive spoken English skills, therefore, speaking part 3, in particular, can be a daunting experience for those who do not engage in conversation on a regular basis. The scoring standards are based on a number of factors including pronunciation, fluency, coherency, and grammatical range, all of which I revise and mentor. My private One-on-One sessions not only give you the opportunity to exercise your speaking and listening but also allow you to become aware of your language flaws in detail and therefore learn from them. This practical approach in combination with multiple sets of IELTS speaking mock tests will greatly assist you in developing the skills and confidence you need to succeed in IELTS and communicate fluidly in any setting.

ESL Advising

Covers guidance of your planning processes to prevent English & Regulatory obstacles

General Communication Training

Covers proficiency advancement in all aspects of oral English communication

Pronunciation Therapy

Covers the enhancement of your pronunciation accuracy, accent cultivation, and fluency

Role-play Exercises

Covers language skills required in real-world scenarios through face-to-face simulation - Job Interviews, Social Interactions, etc.

Test Preparation

Covers personalised training aimed at targeting your desired IELTS speaking & writing scores

Workplace Communication Training

Covers proficiency advancement in all aspects of oral English communication (tax-deductible)

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