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Copy Editing Services in Brisbane CBD and Online

If you are a business owner/operator, international student, or visa applicant of a non-native English-speaking background, putting your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge into written format will come with a range of challenges particularly if auto-translated.


Before you submit your next assessment, personal statement, etc., have it revised to ensure that your writing is grammatically correct, free of plagiarism, coherent, and smooth flowing. If you are interested in taking my one-on-one English Communication/IELTS training sessions, written grammar revision is included at no additional cost and can be carried out together in person at a pace of approximately 1000 words per session.


For those who merely want one-off documents/assignments or routine writing exercises reviewed, please forward your writing via email or messenger of choice, and your revision will be completed and sent back to you generally within the same day. For intensive works of 3000+ words, please allow for at least a 72-hour turnaround.

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