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Claim Your Bitcoin

11 ways to claim free Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum

Start accumulating Bitcoin & Ethereum for free simply by playing mobile games on your smartphone. Withdraw from each app every 3 days directly into your Coinbase account. Your Bitcoin & Ethereum can also be converted into Australian dollars and deposited directly into your Australian bank account via livingroomofsatoshi. Find out how below. 
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Make 111 crypto withdrawals each month, or 3-4 daily withdrawals on average when playing all 11 of  the gaming apps listed below.  The four B-programmer apps in particular are highly recommended as they are semi-passive, have higher payouts and pay instantaneously, literally within seconds! Overall, this is a great way for newcomers who enjoy mobile games to start accumulating Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum for free.  

Thinking beyond slow and steady accumulation, if you have an interest in trading but do not have the funds or confidence to do so, consider utilizing these 11 gaming apps to eventuate your new trading venture on Coinbase as the minimum trade/conversion value is a mere $0.20. Micro trades at these values may sound pointless, but considering you can do this entirely for free, it's a great way for beginners to gain immediate exposure without any commitment or risk. 

BFast BFree

If you want to generate free Bitcoin everyday while multitasking, this app is the one for you as it's semi-passive. After installing, be sure to enter referral code 16N5VF to receive your signup bonus Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Blast

Out of Bling Finance's five mobile apps and Bprogrammers six mobile apps, Bitcoin Blast is the only one compatible with IOS. So all of you Apple users can finally start playing now to withdraw free Bitcoin every 3 days.

Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin blocks is much the same as Bitcoin Blast, CryptoPop & CryptoRize. I suggest trying all four to find the highest average payout before committing to just one. They all pay every 3 days so collectively everyday.

Bitcoin Food Fight

Throwing knives and swords into food, and even foods into foods is perhaps the least stressful way to accumulate Bitcoin. Withdraw Bitcoin every 3 days directly into your Coinbase account.

Bitcoin Pop

Apart from the questionable unicorn, this game is exactly the same as any other bubble shooter varient available in the app store. Withdraw Bitcoin every 3 days directly into your Coinbase account.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Solitaire is the ultimate classic game for killing time, so why not earn some Bitcoin as you play? Your Bitcoin can be withdrawn every 3 days and will hit your account within 5 minutes.


Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD & XRP as you tap cryptocurrency icons. Withdraw every 3 days directly to your Coinbase account. Use referral code FZALXR to recieve your signup bonus. 


CryptoPop has been around for years and is still staying loyal to it's users by paying out Ethereum on time every 3 days. Litecoin is now also available, check the 'more apps' icon for immediate access.


This Tetris styled game enables you to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD & XRP and a withdrawal limit set to every 3 days. After installing, be sure to enter referral code FZALXR to receive your signup bonus.


Despite the name, there is no winning involved in this simple memory game! Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD & XRP as you play and withdraw every 3 days. Referral signup bonus code FZALXR.

EFast EFree

If you want to generate free Ethereum everyday while multitasking, this app is the one for you as it's semi-passive. After installing, be sure to enter referral code LHZ5M8 to receive your signup bonus.


Coinbase is the most secure way to store your coins in my opinion as all funds are fully insured and the highest measures are taken to prevent hacks. Create an account now to start recieving your crypto payments every 3 days.


Livingroomofsatoshi allows you to pay all Bpay bills (including utility bills, rent, credit card repayments, etc) and make deposits to your Australian bank account with all major cryptocurrencies from your Coinbase wallets.

LROS Rewards

Transact with Brisbane City based Livingroomofsatoshi to earn points on every dollar spent. Redeem points for a broad range of rewards including Lamborghini Aventador's for top tier spenders.

Coming Soon

Since the closure of Coinpot I've been on the hunt for sources everyone can use to generate free cryptocurrency during down time. Be sure to revisit this page periodically for updates as new opportunities will be listed.