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Claim Up To $1300+ Worth Of Bitcoin Each Month!!

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Coinpot has been a reliable source for claiming free bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin & dash for quite some now, but as of March 2019, a new tier point system has been introduced, where maxing out claims daily could earn you an additional $1300+ worth of cyptocurrency each month based on today's valuations (April 2019). Below I have put together a simple set of instructions and sources needed to literally claim up to an estimated $2100+ worth of cryptocurrency each month. Keep in mind that there are dozens of bitcoin ATM's across Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne where you can withdraw cash directly from your crypto wallet, Bpay bills can also be paid directly from your cypto wallet at livingroomofsatoshi

Create an email based microwallet at coinpot, this is where your claimed cryptocurrency will be deposited, along with your bonus coinpot tokens. Claim bitcoin at bitfun (moonbit also), bitcoin cash at  moonbitcoincash, litecoin at moonlite, dogecoin at moondoge & dash at moondash as often as every 5 minutes. Convert your bitcoin cash, dogecoin, dash & coinpot tokens into bitcoin and litecoin, check live valuations to ensure positive conversion rates. Everytime you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can transfer your bitcoin and litecoin to a wallet of your choice (enjin wallet highly recommended) for spending! If you do not wish to spend or convert your coins into dollars, I strongly suggest that you create a coinbase account to store your coins. Ethereum is also available to claim with no withdrawal limit, details and signup links available here.