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Mobile Apps That Can Earn You Up To $100+/Day

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Before I begin to introduce apps that can almost replace the need for going to work, I would advise you to click here to begin teaching your language online instead or in addition because not only is the earning potential substantially higher, it's also significantly more purposeful as it contributes to the personal advancement of others and of yourself. 

Finding apps that will pay you money is easy, however finding apps that will genuinely pay you money is not so easy because it requires hours and days of testing, frustration and sore fingers, not to mention the tonnes of bullshit out there, but fortunately I've already taken care of that for you!

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The 12 apps that I will be recommending to you all genuinely pay from my personal experience in a combination of USD, CAD & EURO via paypal. Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum & Litecoin payments are also available directly to your nominated crypocurrency wallets, coinbase however is the most widely accepted wallet so I highly recommend creating an account here. These apps primarily consist of the following: 

Playing mobile games, taking surveys, watching videos, swiping, tapping & even doing nothing. There is no so called 'payday' as there would be in the conventional world, you just simply request a cash out every time you earn the minimum threshold which ranges from $0.50 - $25 depending on the app. This of course means that you can cash out multiple times a day on a daily bases if you are an excessive user. To increase your earning potential, download all of the following apps below and check-in daily preferably on multiple devices! 


1 new app will be available to download and try each day, nothing more and nothing less! However, obviously the more you interact with each app, the more you will be paid.

Bitcoin Captcha

We're all familiar with captchas, just about every password protected website uses them. On this app, your only task is to answer basic math based captchas for Satoshi's.


If you want to mine cryptocurrency without the need of expensive software and hardware, this is a great option for you. Mine Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin & Litecoin 24/7 on your laptop.


Claim up to 2 million Satoshi's every hour (100 million satoshi's in a bitcoin) simply by hitting the 'roll' button. What's more is that you can actually earn 4.08% interest on the balance.


This is the most effortless way to make money on your phone and that's because you literally don't need to do anything other than unlock your screen which you would already be doing!


Moonbit is basically a Bitcoin dispenser, so other than entering captchas when making claims, you don't need to do anything. This also syncs up with CoinPot, so be sure to use both.

Paid Unlock

Just like Fronto, simply slide your finger across the screen to the right which will unlock your phone and close an ad at the same time. This will earn you up to US$90+ a month.

Satoshi Button

If you want to get your foot in the door with Bitcoin but don't have the money to invest, this is a great way to get started. Simply push the Satoshi button every 60 minutes.


Slidejoy works precisely the same way as Fronto and Paid Unlock so I recommend using all three apps to maximize your earnings. $100+ a month just for unlocking your phone!

Storm Play

Just like Satoshi Button, Storm Play is a simple way to accumulate free Bitcoin and Ethereum. All you have to do is watch one advertisement every 30 minutes which can later be boosted.


Completing 300+ surveys each month is absolutely realistic and occasionally you will be invited to participate in focus groups and product testings which can pay up to $50/hour.


Simply store your game points (tickets) into the vault and accumulate until you have enough to convert into dollars. You can also accumulate cash converting tickets by watching videos.